Which is the right perfume for you?

Do you wear perfume every day?

The sense of smell is our strongest sense and can transport you to different situations in your life easily.

European women, especially French and Italian women take perfumes very seriously.

I wanted to give you a little bit ( promise short) explanation so you too can understand and always buy the right scent for your needs.

There are 3 main strengths of perfume for women:

#1 Parfum- is the highest concentration and does not leave you, it can be very powerful.

#2 Eau de Parfum- is a bit more diluted with a more intermediate concentration.

#3 Eau de Toilette- depending on the acidity of your skin, it lasts around 6 hours, and you might need to re-apply.

The Eau de Parfum is the most commonly worn today's day.

Women in Europe, believe that the strong Parfum can overpower your smell sense, and when you are in a situation that involves food, it can make it hard for you to appreciate the food! ( Italians and Frenchs know the priorities)

Another reason is some people don't enjoy your Parfum! ( how daring of them, right?)

How to apply perfume

There are 2 ways:

1 - Applying in strategically points :

Point A:

Inside of your wrists ( but remember not to do so close to your hands so when you wash them you are not washing the perfume too)

So if you need to grab something or hug someone your scent be present.

Point B:

Behind your ears or jawline

This point is for when people 💋 you on the cheek, they immediately smell your scent

Point C:

Inside of the fold of your arms ( it will vamp up the smell if you apply the wrist and in this point)

Everything is strategically thought through!

NOTE: Never rub the points that you applied to your perfume. This is why!

They are 4 hot points in your body, by rubbing you add even more heat which will make the perfume disappear even faster - so avoid doing that!

Point D: Behind the knee ( this is especially a good one when you are wearing skirts or dresses, and pass by people that are seated.

2- Cloud of perfume:

The way it works is that you spray a cloud of perfume in front of you ( spritz, spritz), and then walk through the cloud to catch the droplets of perfume ( does this make sense?)

The good thing about this method is that your hair will smell great, but the bad part of this method is it wears out quickly.

How many perfumes you should have?

Most Italians women have a few scents and pick their scent base on the mood, occasion, and the day, even the season.

There is no rule on how many you should have.

I usually have 2 scents that I wear.

One scent changes with the season ( lighter in the warmer months and stronger scent in the colder months) and the other one is my personal scent, if I could drink it I would (just like Napoleone Bonaparte used to do- true fact) and I wear all the time.

Perfume is a weapon; most European women know and use them.

Your perfume is you- it stands for you and usually, it takes a long time to find one.

Finding the right one is like finding your style in fashion. It's fun but it takes time!!!

So my advice is for you to find perfumes that describe your personality... or how you feel ...buy the roll-on version before committing to the big bottle.

Tips to help you choose your scent

Most young women tend to gravitate to the sweet scents, and as we grow older we tend to turn away from sweet, light flowery fragrances. (Did you ever smell a perfume that you used to wear and think how could I wore that when I was young???)

Now, you turn to more intense scents, maybe with sandalwood, green or white tea, tuberose, or deeper types of jasmine flowers.

Like I said, your scent is very personal, these are just suggestions.

Special NOTE: when buying a perfume, wait 30 min, it takes this long for the scent to warm up in your skin, and give you the real smell of the perfume!

My favorite scents?

Most of the time you will find me wearing Jardin de Nile from Hermès. If I could I would drink!

But I enjoy switching 2 fragrances depending on the season.

In the summer I also enjoy wearing Luna from Penhaligon's ...

...but I'm still in the search for a second option for my winter scent.

Any suggestions for my winter scent?



Fab Totoli is a fashion stylist & Certified Professional Image Consultant, in Morris County- New Jersey, that specializes in helping women over 40  become a wiser shopper, have a versatile wardrobe, look good, and feel good about their personal style.


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