Neutral colors, blacks, greys, camels, off whites... are your favorites?

But sometimes feel your clothes are boring?

Even though you don't like to venture with colors and like classic pieces you can show a lot of personality and style when getting dressed.

The good-enough attitude is never okay, and just because you're running errands, it doesn't mean you should look frumpy.

And sometimes just by adding a little tweak, you can change the whole "vibe " of your outfit.

There are a few ways you can do that and below are some tips and inspirations for you to transform your look into a more polish one, without sacrificing time and comfort.


Jen Aniston is so good at keeping true to her basic style persona.

When she needs to dress up a notch she relies on a blazer to elevate the look, but still feels like the girl next door that she is known for it.

And most women love her style because they can relate to it, and think to themselves...

I can do this look, without breaking the bank!


When you add your neutral to white pants, you instantly become more "stylish".

It's something elegant about the softness that the white pants bring to the look.

If you are concern about your legs appear larger, pair it up with a third layer, that the hemline finishes a little below your widest part of your body.

Black + White + Grey Combo

The simplicity and elegance in these combinations are timeless.

And it can be the answer when you want to wear white sneakers and still look stylish.

Black + White + Camel Combo

Just as elegant as the grey combo above, the camel combination can be paired up with the off white as well.

Breton Top- a.k.a. Striped Tee

Know by the french women as the maniere (sailor) look because the first shirt was introduced in 1858 as the uniform for the French Navy to made it easier to spot wayward sailor who had overboard. The original design had 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon Bonaparte's victories.

But apart from history, this shirt is one of the classic pieces in most stylish women nowadays, and pairing with your neutral can be a great option.

The RED Accessory

Adding a pop of color into your neutral wardrobe or outfit is the quickest way to show a bit more of personality in your look.

A red lip and red nail polish can count as the red accessory too.

There are many ways of elevating your style, and it doesn't have to be complicated or difficult, simple details can go along way.

Love this and want to save for later?


Fab Totoli is a fashion stylist & Certified Professional Image Consultant, in Morris County- New Jersey, that specializes in helping women over 40  become a wiser shopper, have a versatile wardrobe, look good, and feel good about their personal style.


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