How to find the perfect skirt?

Some of us will be looking for skirts to wear to parties so I decided to help you with your search!

How to find the perfect skirt?

There are only 3 things in a skirt to consider

  • How high is the waist?

  • How long is the hem?

  • How full is the skirt?

But before I start here is a tip!

Your waist is not by your belly button! Your natural waist is usually 4 inches above your belly button. Keep this in mind when trying skirts!


Empire waist: Usually starts almost below your bust...

It's a great option if you don't want to have anything tight around your tummy ( it's perfect to camouflage your belly), also it's a smart choice if your legs are a bit thicker than you would like to be because it gives the illusion of elongating.

If you're petite and have wide hips, this can be a good option, since it helps your legs appear visually longer like I just mentioned above...just make sure you opt for an above the knee length or floor length (more on length below).

High- Waisted:

Great for the ladies who want to highlight their waist or look curvier ( I will talk about the fullness of the skirt soon)

Low- Waisted:

This lengthens the torso and if you don't want to use this effect just wear with a longer top that covers the waistband.


From the natural waist to the hem you need to have at least 15 inches otherwise it is not a skirt!!!!

It's a bandeau! 😂

Micro skirts are exactly 15 inches!

It barely covers you if you need to sit down!

Not the most skirt to wear!

Miniskirt: this type of skirt looks great on petite ladies, but they do make you look younger, so if you have issues of getting taken seriously, I would advise you to opt for a pantsuit.

Above Knee: usually, they're flared to help you get better movement, also it's a great option if you have larger hips or thighs and would like to minimize the effect on the silhouette.

Below the knee: That is the typical pencil skirt.

It's a great option if you're trying to be more like an hourglass or appear curvier

Not the best option for Petites, but you can always make it work if you wear high heels!

It's not a the most comfy skirt for most women!

Mid-calf: Usually a flowy skirt, otherwise you will not be able to walk in it.

Floor Length: You can hide high heels if you want to.

This is the comfiest skirt you will own!

NOTE: A lot of the ladies with larger hips ask me what length they should wear...I advise you to try a maxi that starts at your natural waist. It actually might become your favorite one!


The hem is narrower than the waist ...think about a pencil skirt!

The hem is wider than the waist- called an A-line great to make your hips and thighs more narrow.

The longer the skirt the fuller has to be.

The semi-circular: it is wider than the A-line type at the hem and it flows nicely when you walk.

NOTE: The longer the skirt the fuller it has to be.

The circular: maxi or the floor skirts are not circular ...why are they called circular?

Because if you put the skirt on your bed and open the sides, you'll see a full circle

That is why you need a slit, vent when the skirt is longer but not full!

All the skirts in the market have these variations on the parameters of

  • waist

  • hem

  • fullness

I tried to make it as simple as possible for you to understand which options you should consider when shopping for skirts.

I hope you found useful, I know there was a lot of theory!



Fab Totoli is a fashion stylist & Certified Professional Image Consultant, in Morris County- New Jersey, that specializes in helping women over 40  become a wiser shopper, have a versatile wardrobe, look good, and feel good about their personal style.


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