3 tips to help you define your style at work

The outfit to work should be thought out and strategically put together.

First, you need to make a good impression and you know that looks count for a lot!

And secondly, being well dressed and feeling good helps you achieve levels of personal satisfaction and consequently job satisfaction.

But how should your work outfits look like?

How to choose the look to work?

Choosing the right outfit for work shouldn’t be stressful.

Try to carefully analyze your clothes, I'm sure that in your closet has great pieces that you can use to go to work.

When deciding which outfit to wear to the office, it's important that this combination follows 3 simple rules:

1. Is this look professional?

  • Looking in the mirror do you see yourself as a skilled professional?

  • Do you believe your image is in keeping with your profession?

  • Do you feel comfortable in this outfit to attend the last-minute meetings and talk with other professionals in the area?

These are some questions that help you define if that look makes you feel professional.

That is the key!

2. Is this look comfortable?

You'll be wearing this outfit for 6-8 hours or even more, it's super important to remember that you need to be comfortable and confident to perform your duties throughout the day.

Think FIT & STYLE first and foremost.

Are you choosing pieces that make you feel comfortable while you're working?

There is nothing more annoying than being concerned if you're showing too much cleavage or if the back skin is showing when you sit down and shoes if they hurt you, you will be avoiding walk around the office!

Those things are silly but can take the concentration off your task.

3. Does this look follow the company dress code?

Most companies have a dress code, which is the way the company expects employees to dress.

Some companies have strict rules of not being able to wear open shoes, others prohibit the use of ripped pants, for example.

In these cases, you must obey the rules of the company you work for. To avoid any misunderstanding just ask your HR staff about the dress code.

But if your job doesn't have a defined dress code, the best thing to do is to watch how your colleagues and superiors dress, so get a good foundation for your work outfits.

Work clothes don't need to be boring

You can show your personality with accessories (bags, shoes, necklaces, etc), add some color, even our suits don't need to be navy and grey all the time ...try some burgundy, dark green if your company or profession requires a more traditional attire.

There are several ways to get your outfit to work without looking BLAH!

I have a board on Pinterest with tons of ideas and inspiration. Click here and Here



Fab Totoli is a fashion stylist & Certified Professional Image Consultant, in Morris County- New Jersey, that specializes in helping women over 40  become a wiser shopper, have a versatile wardrobe, look good, and feel good about their personal style.


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