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Maybe this sound familiar...


Boring Outfits

You feel your clothes are boring- you want to spice your outfits up with what you already have; you want to add something to make them more current + stylish, not to buy a whole new wardrobe!

It needs to be quick and easy too!






Same Outfits

You always get confused about which shoes, accessories, choose when creating new outfits & which color and prints match with what...

 And you ended up wearing the same old safe outfits that you know it works


No Outfits

Your wardrobe is a mish-posh of things; you pretty much buy if it's a good deal, or if you think is cute; no plan or thought goes into it. 

Then you end up suffering from Nothing to Wear Syndrome!

Why do I think I can help you?

Does your girlfriend make a commission from stores when she gives her opinion when you're in the fitting room trying clothes?

Let's supposed she did - would you believe her 100% if she is saying that the outfit looks good on you? 

You really would never know, wouldn’t you?

That is probably how you feel about most stylists, influencers and personal shoppers, and salespeople...

I know I do! And that is why I don't affiliate my self with specific brands! 

If you’re most of the women over 40, your BS meter is high, you already feel yucky that you second guess your clothes choices, your body is not the same as it used to be and feel frumpy about your style. 

And to top all off, you feel weird looking for help, because in your mind, you should know how to get dressed!


Whoa...Do you even know what STYLE is?

It's the natural instinct of choosing clothes you like & you feel good wearing it. Sooo, let's relax and think!


You’re juggling so many things, you don't have the time nor want to be learning

the whys, hows, and whats of fashion.

You just need the formula to help you put outfits together, things you like and feel comfortable wearing.

A formula to make you feel current, cool and confident, without making you look like you're trying too hard or like someone else.

You want people to notice you for the right reasons, you want to get compliments on your outfits.. for goodness sake!

You need to go from frumpy to fashionable with the clothes hanging in your closet right now!

Would you rather use style rules that were created in the ’80s, go shopping with a color swatch for your season???

Imagine me tell Kim Kardashian this: "Kim, you need to wear specific tops to balance your hips, DAHLING you're wearing all the wrong clothes for your body type!" ( I can only imagine what she would say back!)

That is so limiting, and just put YOU on a box. 

Wouldn't you rather know the strategies that you can apply as you wish?

FAB FASHION FORMULAS ( F    ) is the most effective and easy way to learn how to be stylish!

No rules, but strategies that are easy to follow and that will make sense,

EVEN IF you feel like you have NO sense of style or money to spend on new clothes.

It's nothing you ever have seen before, and it works even if you change or evolve your style.


Thank you for giving me permission to disregard the tag and go for the perfect fit!

Stephanie S.

Montville N.J.