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FAB + Fashion + Formula = F


The majority of women are wearing the wrong shoes...Are you of this guilty too?​

With this formula you'll learn:

  • How to make your basic outfit dressier with your shoes

  • 5 innovative formulas to always find the perfect shoe for your outfit

  • Tricks to make your legs appear long and lean, by choosing the right shoe

  • How to wear flats even in dressier situations

  • Things about shoes that will change how you buy shoes


In the time it takes to make your morning coffee, I guarantee you'll be able to pack lightly and have more than enough outfits to wear on your trip even if you hate to pack and is not a planner type of person!

PACKING MASTERY is the only ebook that you will be able to pack less and have more outfits combinations no matter the duration or destination of your trip.

What is does?


  • Erases the stress of calculating and planning how much clothes you will need

  • Learn how to fold your clothes to maximize the space of your suitcase

  • It also works for business trips, warm or cold weather, for short or long trips