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Color Fromula

You'll never guess which color goes with what.


It's such a great Formula you won't believe you got it for FREE!


  • 28 different colors 

  • 7 different color combination per color

  • The right denim shade for you to wear with

  • Prints to coordinate with

How does it work?

Save time getting dressed and multiply your outfits!

Let's imagine how much easier your morning routine can be with this Free Color Formula...

You get up a little later and have no idea what you will wear.

You want to wear that Dusty Rose blouse, you know, that one you get a ton of compliments when you wear.

But you want to try it with something different, not with the same black pants that you always wear!

Grab the Color Formula -look for the similar color of your blouse on the guide.

You'll find 7 unique color combinations, and basic prints to match with.

 You never thought about wearing your camel color pants with that blouse,

and once you try it on, you'll love it! 

Feels so good to wear something different without having to spend a dollar on it.

Continue imagining and using the formula as a guide...


You're happy with the outfit and feel confident that now you want to accessorize,

you pair with the leopard print shoes

and burgundy earrings...voilà!

You got a completely new outfit and you feel sooo stylish

the best part- it was so easy and fast!

It's better than style algorithm sites for many reasons, but here are the top 2:


  • Color Formula helps you create stylish outfits with what you already have

  • It's Free!  You'll be saving so much money monthly.


The ball is in your court... you'll feel cool and proud of what you come up with.


 You'll create outfits effortlessly now, no more OHH my Gawd, what will I wear??!!

What are you waiting for... it's FREE FOR NOW, so go ahead and download,

before I come to my senses and start to charge for it!